Dedicated to wellness

Since 2002, Hot Yoga Richmond (formerly known as Bikram Yoga Richmond) has been serving the Richmond area, providing access to the authentic Bikram method of yoga and spreading health within our community. Only our teachers are certified to teach this original style of yoga. We teach with compassion and love, providing a safe space where people of all backgrounds may heal, nurture, and empower themselves through the practice of yoga. We are locally owned and operated, and passionate about the wellbeing of our students.


What We Offer

Authentic Bikram,Power Hour, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga

Bikram Yoga is the most accessible yoga practice in the world. It is designed to heal your body, mind, and spirit to bring you optimal health. And with a consistent yoga practice, you can maintain that good health for the rest of your life! Whether you are looking to increase flexibility and strength, reduce stress and the effects of stress, maintain a healthy weight, reduce pain, decrease dependence on medication, or to improve focus and be more present and effective in your life, this practice is for you.

The Power Hour moves you through all 26 Bikram postures and 2 breathing exercises. We practice some of the postures only once, and flow postures together throughout the class. This class is challenging and a great option for yogis wanting to add some yoga to their already busy schedules.

Yin Yoga is a slower and quiet form of yoga that focuses on total relaxation. In the class, postures are held for extended periods of time to achieve deep stretching and restoration. If you are looking for a yoga class that provides tranquility and peace, try out a Yin class!

Hot Vinyasa is a fun and challenging class linking movement and breath. Vinyasa yoga will challenge your upper body and core in new ways, and there is freedom within the class to modify and amplify poses.

Who is it for?

Everybody! This is a practice both for the athletic and for people who think they can’t do yoga because they have a bad back, injured knees, are overweight, underweight, have high blood pressure, arthritis, or limited range of motion. We welcome you exactly as you are, and we guarantee that you will feel better than you’ve ever felt. We have tools to make your life better and help you reach whatever your goals are. All you have to do is show up!

You will develop tremendous will power, concentration and determination focusing on your yoga postures and your breath in the midst of the intensity of the room!

Take a class at either of our newly renovated locations.


3024 Stony Point Road

Richmond, VA 23235



3621 Cox Road

Richmond, VA 23233