Bobbie Flatin

Bikram Teacher 


Bobbie took her first Bikram Yoga class in 2006 and remembers feeling like she was working out in a sauna hotter than the hinges of hell. Nevertheless, she signed up for the intro package and returned the next day. By the third class, she wasn’t even thinking about the heat and fell in love with how great she felt after class, both physically and mentally. She was so happy to have found something she enjoyed so much that also made her feel like she was investing in her long-term health and well-being. In fall 2012, she attended Bikram’s Teacher Training in LA because she wanted to deepen her own practice and share the yoga and its many benefits with others. In her pre-yoga life, Bobbie has been a Commercial and Consumer Banker, a School Admissions Assistant Director and Financial Aid Director. She’s enjoyed all of her past career opportunities, but feels that nothing quite beats teaching yoga!

Bobbie has been married almost 35 years to her best friend, Mark. They have two grown, married daughters and a precious grandchild whom they cherish. Her senior, cranky, rescue scottie dog, Lola, is nearly always by her side and rounds out the family.

It is such a thrill when a student shares after class that he or she has had a personal breakthrough with a posture. I love the self-acceptance that students adopt when they embrace the practice.