Jenny Harding

Bikram Teacher


Jenny is a Richmond native, and earned her BFA in Fashion Design at VCU. In 2006 she set out with her future husband for a new life and job in San Diego, California. She was lucky to get a foot in the door fairly quickly at a well-known performance sportswear company.  It was fast paced, stressful, and quite often involved international travel all of which cost her many sleepless nights. The long days/weeks of sitting at a desk in a gray cubicle was both mentally and physically taxing.  However, she was very active outside of the job and turned to intense workouts to get her mind off the day to day, such as crossfit, kettlebells, road biking, and ran a few half marathons. A co-worker mentioned Bikram Yoga to her, and in 2011 she took her first Bikram class. Afterwards, she recalls sleeping better than she had slept in her entire life. She was hooked from the start! In 2013, her and her husband decided to return home to RVA.  Their decision was a few years in the making and would mean leaving her career behind, but she had made up my mind that she wanted to become a Bikram yoga instructor.  After teacher training, Jenny dedicated 5-6 days a week to teaching and practicing including during her pregnancy.

These days, when not at the studio, Jenny is taking care of her son as a stay-at-home mom, or she’s on a snowboard racing down a snowy mountain slope. And although not as often, she still travels, mainly to ski new mountains, and when possible she’ll find a local Bikram studio for a class. So far she hasn’t found a community quite like what we have in RVA.

I am grateful my path has led me to practice and teach here at Hot Yoga Richmond.