Marcia McGonagle

Bikram Teacher 


Marcia found Bikram yoga in 2007 after a friend recommended that she give it a try. At the time she was dealing with an ankle injury that was preventing her from doing the things that she loved most. After that first yoga class, she was undecided as to whether or not she “liked this type of yoga.”  It was hot.  It was long.  It wasn’t easy to stay in that room.  But her ankle felt better, so she kept coming. Eventually she got back to her active lifestyle and ended up at Bikram’s Teacher Training in the Spring of 2010 in Las Vegas. Marcia has a degree in education, and she had been missing that part of her life. She loves helping people to feel better and maintain their optimal lifestyle outside of the yoga room just as Bikram yoga has done for her. When you are in Marcia’s class, you are guaranteed to feel welcomed, encouraged, and you’re sure to laugh.

When Marcia isn’t at the yoga studio, she’s caring for one teenager in high school, one husband who travels quite a lot for his job, and two fur kids who always make her smile.

I believe our community is welcoming, supportive and accepting of EVERYONE who walks in the door, no matter their physical or mental condition on any given day. We struggle together, we accept each other, we support each other. What an amazing space to put your body and mind into a few times a week!