Pamela Hume

Bikram Teacher


Pam started practicing Bikram Yoga in February 2008.  Her daughter, Garland had become a teacher 6 months prior, and she wanted to experience what had dramatically changed Garland’s life. Pam’s biggest fear in growing older is losing the spring in her step.  Although she has exercised for most of her adult life, she was apprehensive about hot yoga because she did not like exercising in the heat.  She had knee pain, shoulder pain, and says her remembers her balance was, “pitiful”.  However, after a few classes, she actually looked forward to the heat that warmed up her muscles and joints. She also loved the aerobic benefits. Although Pam feels like aging is always a struggle,  she knows she stands up straighter and her core is stronger. Most importantly, she can play tag with her grandson. Pam retired in 2009 and despite her fear of public speaking, with the encouragement of her daughter and husband, she stepped out of her comfort zone and went to Bikram teacher training in 2011.  Pam has been teaching at HYR ever since. This lovely lady is one of our gracious teachers who regularly wakes up at the crack of dawn to teach 5:30am classes.

When Pam isn’t teaching, she enjoys spending time with family and swimming.

I love our yoga community and feel that practicing this yoga is the best thing I can do for my health.