Tracy Gresham

Yin and Vinyasa Teacher


Tracy started practicing yoga in August 2015. She knew very early on that she wanted to take her practice deeper and attend yoga teacher training. Tracy had always been a teacher, and was eager to share all that she was learning in yoga with others. The stars aligned in 2017 and Tracy was able to take the 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training and the Yoga Dojo. The following year she attended a 50hr Rocket Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Dojo. After graduating from her first teacher training, Tracy helped bring Yin to HYR. She now teaches Yin twice a week at HYR, and her classes provide a very special experience. Tracy is inherently loving and kind — the mother of 5 beautiful girls (and expecting her 6th!), she brings all of that love and kindness to her classes. Her favorite posture from the 26&2 class is standing bow, and her favorite Yin pose is wide leg forward fold.

Outside of the yoga room, Tracy homeschools her children and she has been happily married to her husband Chad for 16 years. She enjoys swimming, hiking, reading, and of course, yoga.

My favorite thing about teaching yoga is creating an experience that makes space for self realization.