Yoga Heals

Meet Kara Wood!

"I stumbled into hot yoga 12 years ago (2005) with a running injury—I had pulled the IT band in my left leg. I decided yoga would be healing and I would pick up running as soon as I was better. Well, heal I did! First the physical and then the mental. That's right, yoga affected every corner of my brain. It didn't happen in 1 class. The transformation is still happening. Yoga has taught me patience, how to embrace every moment, become more humble, and the realization that with the mind body connection (yes, there really is one) you can heal any chronic condition. I suffered for most of my life with chronic back pain. 5 years ago I I learned I also had severe osteoporosis. Yoga gave me the mental clarity and wisdom to find the cure for both my chronic back pain as well as the osteoporosis. Just last Monday I saw my doctor and she still shakes her head in disbelief. Manifest the outcome you wish and it will happen. Namaste."