Yoga as Medicine

Originally posted on January 31, 2018

Meet Ashley!

"Words can not express how much I love to practice yoga. Specifically Bikram Yoga. I had a class the other day that strangely felt like my first class. I didn’t know anyone, I’d never been to the studio, and I didn’t know the teacher. There was an anticipation in not knowing that felt much like my first day. As we started the class I felt I needed to go slow and be very gentle. As the class progressed I realized that gentle was becoming subtle. Subtle and effective technique and alignment. I worked smart through the 90 minute class.

When I came out of class at the end I said to Tobin, “It’s like I am seeing the world in HD after this yoga. Everything is bright, beautiful, and harmonious in this way that I can not see if I do not reflect and see myself the way I do when I practice this yoga. I truly felt I was brought back to life after a whole day of travel to New Zealand.

If you have not tried Bikram Yoga before, try it. You just must try, but not like one time. Sometimes I hear people tell me “oh I tried that yoga it was hot I didn’t like it”, or oh “I didn’t like the mirrors”, or “the lights were to bright.” The thing is to try you really must go for about a month. Probably before the one month is up you will begin to feel the glorious effects of this class, but you need to give it a little time. Look at it this way. If your doctor prescribed you physical therapy for your knee you probably wouldn’t go one or just two times and then throw in the towel and decide it didn’t work. You would follow through with the prescription for maximum effectiveness. That’s what you must do with any yoga practice. Don’t give up. Just keep showing up and see how your life will change for the better forever.

This is not a fad. I’m over seven years in and am still blown away by how good I feel every single day." 

-Ashley Hunter Renwick