Yoga is a Vital Necessity!

Meet Laura!

I’ve been doing yoga on and off for 8+ years! Now I can gladly say I’m over the moon in love with it and Bikram yoga has evolved into not only a joy,  but a vital necessity!!

Years ago, I was suffering from hormonal stuff (ugh- getting old.... yikes)... every month- no joke, my symptoms included, fatigue (slept for 12 hours) weight gain, joints hurt, swelling in the body. I tried to find solutions. I hated how I felt! 

I tried everything!!! I even started bio- identical hormone therapy to help regulate and I was told I have estrogen dominance. It helped.. some. But I started to gain a little weight after about a year of this refining. I finally went back to Bikram yoga full-time. Seriously,  within the first month of yoga, I was almost symptom free. Yep- seriously!! Within 2 months I decided to stop the bio- identical therapy. I realized that the yoga was my answer. Years of trying to figure out an answer to all this pain... and I found my rainbow. 

Bikram Yoga Richmond