Yoga for a Long and Healthy Spine

Meet Diane:

Several years before I started this fabulous yoga whenever I saw my doctor for my physical I discovered I was gradually losing height, as most of us do as we age. It bothered me but I figured it was a normal part of aging.

Then 10-1/2 years ago I discovered hot yoga and over a few months decided this was something I love and began practicing 3-5 times a week. This was a gradual process because I'll never forget my first class when I thought the teacher was trying to cook me! I'm not sure what drew me into this because I HATE summers and the heat and humidity! My friends thought I'd lost my mind.

Here I am 10-1/2 years in and going strong, I schedule my week around yoga (please don't tell anyone!)  I'd be in that hot room more if I could! One day...

A couple weeks ago I saw my doctor who measured me and low and behold, I've stopped shrinking! I haven't regained what I've lost but perhaps as I keep practicing I just might - this yoga has also taught me to have patience and a positive attitude!

I love these positive changes and did I mention the wonderful folks who practice with me. I have met some super people and friends and will continue to practice this wonderful hot yoga. 


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