Yoga for Runners

Meet Courtney:

"I started hot yoga in February 2011 as a form of cross-training for distance running. Admittedly, I was skeptical and didn't consider yoga a workout. I was wrong. And then I fell in love with it. When I moved from Dallas, TX to Richmond in May 2012, I continued my practice at HYR and immediately loved the sense of community it provided as a newbie to town. I'm running more recreationally than competitively these days, but yoga still helps keep me stretched and limber, and has also greatly improved my balance (yay trail running!), breathing and probably most importantly - stress levels and attitude. I know on even the worst days when I really, REALLY don't want to go to yoga that I'll leave feeling so much better, both mentally and physically. So thanks HYR for keeping me happy, healthy and sane!"