Commuting Yogi

Meet Josh Howell who drives an hour EACH WAY to get his yoga in!

"As a frequent business traveler, I found myself looking for a consistent fitness regimen. Hotel treadmills were not cutting it. In April, on an international business trip, I happened to see a sign for Bikram Yoga just blocks from my hotel. A 6:00 am class was offered and I went with zero expectations. After my trip, I found myself home and craving the practice. The closest practice to me is Hot Yoga Richmond and an hour commute each way. My first experience with HYR at the end of April was extremely positive. Full classes, energetic instructors and supportive practitioners all striving for the mental and physical benefits a consistent practice enables. While most people react with shock that I would drive an hour each way a couple times a week, I see it as a small trade off for the mental and physical dividends I've experienced."