Yoga as Community

Originally posted on November 28, 2018

Meet Martha!

“When I walked into the Stony Point studio in July 2004, I had no idea the impact that decision would have on my life. I was looking for a little exercise but ended up with a whole new community of "yoga buddies" to share this incredible journey with. Class was hard that first day, and class is still hard, but Bikram yoga puts things back where they're supposed to be. I've been in class in a boot, while dealing with emotional stress, after falling down a flight of stairs and getting over jet lag (Those are separate events--not all at the same time!). It has taught me to breathe, to push, when to back off and it's still trying to teach me to focus and to know when to let go. Of course it's physical and I appreciate my strength, flexibility and endurance, but the mental conditioning is even greater. Soooooo, a great community, an inspiring teaching staff, a lovely studio and a series that NEVER fails to challenge me... what more can I ask?”