Yoga for Trauma

Originally posted on November 27, 2018



Meet Nicky!

Yoga has been teaching me how to control my mind and be still. To share my story a bit...I started doing yoga randomly when I lived in San Francisco but I fell in love with it when I moved to Richmond 6 years ago.  I was a newbie and did not know much around the area. I started looking for a yoga studio near where I lived and I found Bikram Hot Yoga! Since then, I fell in love with it and I kept coming back for more.  Especially it really cured me after I had a horrible car accident a couple of years ago.  I was hurt, sad, and depressed. Mostly I was very angry at the guy who caused the accident.  My body was messed up and in a lot of pain but yoga helped me pass through my pain and anger and I was truly grateful for that.  From that experience I learned listening to my body better and controlling my mind and thoughts. What I love about Bikram yoga is that when I am in class, it is my time to meditate and think about nothing but myself.  The best part is that I feel GOOD after a hot sweaty class for sure!!!


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