Yoga for Open Mindedness

Originally posted on December 28, 2017

Meet Clinton!

"I went to Bikram Yoga Richmond because I needed to stretch. I had old football injuries that also needed attention. I found much more. I now had a solid plan to address old injuries, but other health issues as well. The numbers from my doctor began to lower and stabilize. My flexibility greatly improved as a ‘friend’ said I looked like a brick when I came in. I know I don’t look like the typical yogi, but I stuck with it and it paid off. Just as tough as football practice. I believe it’s true that nothing worthwhile comes easy. This yoga community is always positive and a fun bunch to be around. I have learned a great deal here about my mind, body, and spirit. For me, it's a gift from the Divine. I feel my horizon has expanded as I am more open minded about life. The possibilities are endless and I encourage all to give it a try." 

Clinton would also like to give a shout out to whoever found his prescription eye glasses. It saved him from buying another pair.